Toyota Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Russ Tedrake is the Toyota Professor in MIT’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and a member of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, where he leads the Center for Robotics. He is also vice president of robotics research at the Toyota Research Institute. His research focused on motor control systems in animals and machines that can execute dynamically dexterous tasks and interact with uncertain environments. Current projects include robust and efficient bipedal locomotion on flat terrain, multi-legged locomotion over extreme terrain, flapping-winged flight, and feedback control for fluid dynamics. He has received an NSF Career Award, an MIT Jerome Saltzer Award for undergraduate teaching, a DARPA Young Faculty Award, an MIT Spira teaching award, and a faculty fellowship at Microsoft Research. He earned a BSE from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, a PhD from MIT, and was a postdoc in MIT’s Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences.